Úplná verze: Kodi 18 Leia RC4
Prohlížíte si holou variantu vašeho obsahu. Prohlédněte si plnou verzi s příslušným formátováním.
K dispozici na https://kodi.tv/download v záložce Pre release.  Jinak původní termín "final" prodloužen z 31.12.2018 na 31.01.2019.  Momentálně se pracuje na RC5.

Changes in RC4 (and RC3)

Most notable changes to mention in this Release Candidate:

Update documentation regarding Python and Skin develoment: Kodi Doxygen
Fix crash on certain music files that contain ID3v2 UFID frame
Do not list non-repo add-ons as "unavailable" in info dialog (the by default included ones)
Fix some interface info labels regarding music
Fix none responsive when minimising on Mac OSX
Fix path for looking up external subtitles
Replace vc140 redis with vc141 which fixes crashes on Windows (user should at least install this once)
Windows DXVA - fixed color values
Fix GUI Notifications rendering
Fix watched items in plugins (contains database upgrade)

Of course there are several more changes which are listed on our github repository found here: RC4 changes.

Fix crashes by pressing 'x' to stop DVD .iso image when "Player Process Info" is displayed
Screenshot: simplify logic and bail out if no folder is set
Android: remove mpeg4 HD restriction / use dts for unknown pts for mpeg4 (there might be some playback regressions that will be fixed along the way)
Change resolution (if required) on application starts (fixes XBXO resolution issues)
Android: Reset calibrations if GUI limit changes
Android: fix subtitle position problems
Fix resolution whitelist issues on Windows
Extend option to hide spoilers like text or images from the library view
Add support for new iOS devices