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britské pluginy
  • Classic British Comedy - Benny Hill, Rab C Nesbitt, Tony Hancock, The Two Ronnies, Frankie Howerd, Monry Python, Documentaries, Specials...the list goes on. If you like the classics then you have endless hours of fun available here
  • Cooking on YouTube Vol 1, 2 & 3 - Thousands of recipes and cooking how to videos including: Jamie Oliver, One Pot Chef Show, Frugal Chef, Weight Watchers, Gluten Free.
  • Crime Tube - A megamix of True Crime channels from YouTube, First48, Serial Killers
  • Documentary Tube - Thousands of documentaries from YouTube: Richard Attenborough, Nat Geo, BBC, PBS, How It's Made, Bear Grylls, Bush Tucker Man, Tanked, Grand Designs and many more
  • Fishing Tube - Thousands of fishing documentaries, blogs, instructional and video magazines
  • History Tube - Thousands of history documentaries
  • Horror Tube - Thousands of horro movies, tv shows and trailers from YouTube
  • Jesse Ventura - Jesse Ventura commentaries and documentaries from YouTube
  • Kids Tube - YouTube channels of fun and educational videos for kids
  • Most Haunted - Episodes of the UK TV program Most Haunted
  • MoviesTube - Thousands of movies from YouTube
  • Native American Movies - A selection of Native American movies and documentaries
  • Out of this World - Documentary YouTube channels
  • Renegades Darts - PBC & BDO darts on YouTube
  • Rock Music on YouTube - Rock music videos
  • SciFiTube - Science Fiction movies, TV shows and audio on YouTube
  • Tales from the Crypt - All 93 episodes of the cult classic series, plus 3 movies, soundtracks, extras, complete cartoon. Bonus channel 92 episodes with Spanish subtitles
  • Vevo Music Videos - Vevo YouTube 25 playlists and 25 artists Vevo channels, access to thousands of music videos
  • Westerns Tube - Western movies and TV shows on YouTube