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Openelec 8.0.2
[Obrázek: openelec_logo_only_135x135.png]Openelec 8.0.2

OpenELEC 8.0.2 is a maintenance release for OpenELEC-8.0 series. The main fixes are:
  • disable RTL8XXXU driver, which was loaded together with RTL8192CU/EU driver and caused conflicts with some WLAN USB dongles.
  • add CONFIG_SND_SOC_STA32X and CONFIG_SND_SOC_WM8804_I2C for RPi builds, needed for some RPi Sound modules.
  • remove 0 byte database files in Kodi, to workaround database upgrade failures in Kodi.
  • build Kodi with SSE4 support for Generic builds.
  • fix broken Kodi addon library names for x86_64 builds.
  • force loading fuse module to fix mounting ntfs and exfat partitions.
  • update to mesa-17.0.4, dbus-1.10.18, linux-4.9.24 (Generic), linux-4.9.23 (RPi), libdrm-2.4.80 and curl-7.54.0
OpenELEC 8.0 series is a feature release. The main changes are:
  • Platform changes:
    • New Platform WeTek Play 2Play 2 supported with a own Build.
      WeTek Play 2 brings endless entertainment to your living room. Enjoy the latest movies and series in 4K UHD, play games, browse the internet, keep up with the news, or use the DVB modular tuner to watch thousands of TV channels via satellite, terrestrial and cable connections.

    • New Platform WeTek Hub supported by a own Build.
      Taking advantage of the latest hardware advances, we’ve maximized performance and optimized design. Introducing, WeTek Hub, the smallest WeTek device yet, and one of the most powerful Android streaming devices on the market.

    • Raspberry Pi Zero W supported by Raspberry Pi (1) builds.
  • Core OS updates and changes (old version in brackets):
    • Pulseaudio updated to 10.0 (9.0)
    • Binutils updated to 2.28 (2.26)
    • GCC updated to 6.3 (5.4)
    • glibc updated to 2.25 (2.23)
    • LLVM updated to 4.0 (3.8)
    • Linux kernel updated to 4.9 (4.4)
    • Mesa updated to 17.0 (11.2)
    • ffmpeg updated to 3.2 (2.8)
    • libva updated to 1.8 (1.7)
    • connman updated to 1.33 (1.31)
    • libressl updated to 2.4 (2.2)
    • systemd updated to 233 (229)
    • xorg-server updated to 1.19 (1.18)
    • samba updated to 4.6 (3.6)
    • MySQL replaced with MariaDB-10.1
    • HFS and HFS+ Filesystem support removed.
    • iSCSI support removed.
    • NFS, NBD, iSCSI Network boot support removed.
    • LIRC support removed, LIRC was always installed as a enhancenment to the Kernel RC drivers, and was only used for very old IR Hardware like classic XBox remote and others - which support is now dropped.
    • Apple TV 1 IR remote driver driver removed.
    • X11 AMDGPU, ATI (Radeon) and Intel GPU driver driver replaced by X11 Modesettings GPU driver.
  • Driver and firmware updates and changes:
    • updated WLAN and DVB drivers and firmwares.
    • updated Nvidia Legacy driver to xf86-video-nvidia-340, which removes support for legacy Nvidia GPUs not supporting VDPAU.
  • Kodi updates and changes (old version in brackets)
    • Kodi updated to 17.1 final (16)
OpenELEC 8.0.2 released
RPi 4B - LibreELEC
RPi Zero W - LibreELEC
Ahojte, skusam updatovat z verzie 7.0.1, cez update file. Po restarte rozbali archiv, nainstaluje a po dalsom restarte sa objavi logo Openelec s popisom verzie a nasledne tma, nic dalej sa nedeje. Zelena ledka na RPi3 nepravidelne blika, akoby nieco robil, ale ani po 15min nic na TV nevidim. HW v podpise.
Skusal to uz niekto updatovat touto cestou, alebo som nieco podstatne prehliadol? Vdaka.
Media: TX-55AS640E | RPi 3 & PiFi Digi+ | HK 3490 | JBL ES90 Black
NAS: Intel G3258 | Asrock B85M Pro4 | Kingston 2x4GB | Crucial M4 128GB | 4xWD Red 3TB | BitFenix ProdigyM White | XPEnology
HTPC: Asrock J3455M | Kingston 2x4GB | Intel 520 120GB | Xonar DX | Cooltek G3
Zkoušel a dopadl jsem stejně, černá obrazovka. Už jsem spáchal čistotou instalaci.
SONY KDL-48W705C + X96MAX 4/64 - ANDROID 9, KODI 18:9
SONY KD-55XG8096 - ANDROID 8, KODI 18.9
RPi3B, RPiZERO (v šuplíku :-)
UPC 300/20, vše připojeno kabelem

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