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OSMC's June update is here with Kodi v18.7
OSMC's June update is here with Kodi v18.7

[Obrázek: osmc-logo-rpi2.png] Firstly, and most importantly, we hope that everyone and their loved ones are staying safe. We continue to work on and develop OSMC during this time and offer support and our store also remains open with orders being fulfilled promptly and without delay.

Team Kodi recently announced the 18.7 point release of Kodi Leia. We have now prepared this for all supported OSMC devices and added some improvements and fixes.

We continue to work on our improved video stack for Vero 4K and Vero 4K + which brings HDR10+ and 3D MVC support. We also continue to work on Raspberry Pi 4 support and we will shortly make some kernel 5.x test builds available in our forums for currently supported Pi models so we can use a unified kernel code base for all models.

This week, we will also begin the migration process of OSMC from Debian Stretch to Debian Buster. (Citace (OSMC Team)

Here's what's new:

Bug fixes
  • Fix for crashes when playing WMA files via SMB mounted shares on Vero 4K / 4K+
  • Fix an issue which prevented the My OSMC update notification badge from showing
  • Fix some playback issues with transport streams on Vero 4K / 4K+
  • Fix an issue which could cause the Vero 4K / 4K+ to wake from standby unexpectedly
  • Fix an issue preventing passthrough from working on some Raspberry Pi DACs such as HifiBerry
  • Fix an issue that prevented the system hostname from being sent via Kodi's JSON-RPC endpoint
  • Fix an issue where OSMC would update the APT cache when a user logged in via SSH if the system had been recently updated
  • Fix an issue which prevented Factory Reset from working in My OSMC
  • Fix an issue preventing language selection in the OSMC setup walkthrough from working correctly
  • Fix settings button labels for 21:9 and 4:3 modes in the OSMC skin
  • Fixed music playlist editor window in the OSMC skin
  • Fix side menu return button behaviour in the OSMC skin
  • Fix edge alignment of dialogues and windows in the OSMC skin
  • Fix watched / listened to status for a play count higher than one in the OSMC skin
Improving the user experience
  • OSMC Log uploader will now select all logs by default
  • Added OSMC Scope skin (21:9) to OSMC by default
  • Added support for playing SACDs
  • Added international translations for OSMC Remote Controller low battery warning
  • Improved installation of some applications such as Docker by satisfying additional dependencies
  • Added audio decoder add-ons for all platforms
  • Added image decoders for all platforms
  • Improved how Bluetooth is managed on all OSMC platforms
  • Improved OSMC Remote controller long press keymap
  • Improved performance governor on Vero 4K / 4K +
  • Added Kodi 'menu' key functionality to access side menu in OSMC skin windows
  • Added a new wide, low info view in OSMC skin
  • Added support for the Up Next add-on to the OSMC skin
  • Added playlist button to video OSD in the OSMC skin
  • Added 3D depth information to GUI elements in the OSMC skin
  • Added new widget layouts (square and square small) to the OSMC skin
  • Added 2.33:1 scope masking option to OSMC skin
  • Improved visibility of disabled text in the OSMC skin
  • Improved debug overlay in the OSMC skin
  • Improved handling of music videos when using the OSMC skin
  • Improved playlist window in the OSMC skin
  • Added missing scrollbars to the OSMC skin
  • Reworked dialogues for visual consistency in the OSMC skin
  • Improved Skin Shortcuts management dialogue in the OSMC skin
  • Improved widget positioning and widget icon size in the OSMC skin
  • Improved video info dialog button behaviour in the OSMC skin
  • Reduce wear on SSDs when producing system images
  • Added initial support for revamped Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Kodi version and kernel version are now collected by the stats system to help us evaluate stability of future updates
  • Updated Raspberry Pi kernel to 4.19.122
  • Improved target installer build time by using more accurate URL resolution for downloading dependencies
  • Silenced some messages on bootup
Wrap upTo get the latest and greatest version of OSMC, simply head to My OSMC -> Updater and check for updates manually on your exising OSMC set up. Of course — if you have updates scheduled automatically you should receive an update notification shortly.
If you enjoy OSMC, please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and consider making a donation if you would like to support further development.
You may also wish to check out our Store, which offers a wide variety of high quality products which will help you get the best of OSMC.

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